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Your travel and hospitality enterprise requires a digital transformation to provide a seamless journey: understand the ‘passenger genome’ for personalized services, enhance traveler engagement through gene block sequencing, collaborate with partners for ancillary services, and optimize asset management for timely availability.

Transforming Travel and Hospitality: Your Next Expedition

AlphaWare Next Technologies collaborates with travel and hospitality enterprises, facilitating a digital transformation to ensure a seamless journey. We focus on decoding the ‘passenger genome’ for personalized service, optimizing traveler engagement through gene block sequencing, partnering with industry allies for ancillary services, and enhancing asset management for timely availability.

Our approach involves modernizing IT infrastructure, reservation systems, customer service, and back-office processes. We utilize cognitive computing algorithms to reshape the travel experience, offering self-service capabilities, and providing tailored contextual offers, particularly targeting the millennial traveler.

Our offerings in the travel and hospitality industry are guided by three fundamental principles:

AI-Powered Core

Reduces passenger waiting times and enhances safety with predictive workflows that anticipate traveler needs, track baggage and luggage carts, automate aircraft weight and balance, and minimize human interaction throughout the travel journey.

Guarantee robust IT operations.

Alphaware Next Technologies guarantees reliability through standardized processes across business functions, spanning from R&D to dealer network management and after-sales support. Our resilient business continuity plans and top-notch information security solutions elevate service levels.

Always-On Learning

Speeds up the creation of personalized products by reusing data structures and standardized attributes, minimizing time-to-market for customer/third-party applications through APIs and microservices.

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