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Your oil and gas enterprise must adapt to be more agile and responsive to evolving business and technological shifts, as well as unforeseen events. A digital-first approach enables your enterprise to adjust strategy and operations efficiently, offering enhanced visibility into the business landscape and enterprise ecosystem.

Resilience Defines Live Enterprise: Charting Your Oil and Gas Future

AlphaWare Next Technologies collaborates with oil, gas, petrochemical, and oil field services enterprises to establish a sentient enterprise that can perceive and adapt to dynamic shifts. In the upstream sector, we expedite hydrocarbon discovery and optimize ongoing drilling operations. In the midstream sector, we ensure predictability through proactive pipeline network maintenance. In the downstream sector, we secure consistent ‘last mile’ outperformance. Our focus is on enabling your oil and gas enterprise to enhance agility and responsiveness to changing business landscapes and technological trends through a digital-first approach, providing improved visibility across the business landscape and enterprise ecosystem.

AlphaWare Next Technologies assists oil and gas enterprises in navigating the dynamic landscape and fostering resilience through the Live Enterprise framework

Accelerate Cloud Migration

AlphaWare Next Technologies facilitates the migration of legacy infrastructure, data, and applications to the cloud for oil and gas enterprises. Our cloud ecosystem ensures optimum availability and superior performance throughout the value chain.

Establish Resilient Business Processes

AlphaWare Next Technologies fosters cohesion and efficiency across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations within oil and gas enterprises.

Ensure Resilient IT Operations

With a data-first approach, AlphaWare Next Technologies excels in operational excellence. Through Noah Consulting, our specialized data management firm, we blend domain expertise with proven methodologies to derive valuable business insights from vast data volumes. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and exception-based alarm systems safeguard oil and gas assets.

Enable Remote Learning at Scale

AlphaWare Next Technologies transforms oil and gas enterprises into digital workplaces with Wingspan, our mobile- and cloud-centric learning platform. It offers tailored training for digital workforce segments, including geoscientists, geologists, reservoir engineers, rig and drilling operations managers, and quality control specialists.

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