Logistics & Distribution


Logistics & Distribution is riddled with risks, disruptions, and losses. Achieving a seamless freight journey necessitates a digital ecosystem for detailed real-time visibility. Utilize AI to detect and address anomalies effectively. Deploy blockchain for monitoring freight and verifying contracts. Entrust Infosys to manage the intricate logistics components, enhancing resilience.

Chart Your Logistics Future

Logistics & Distribution operation requires impeccable precision for seamless and punctual freight movement from origin to destination. Real-time visibility into capacity, demand, and the supply chain is crucial for managing freight orders, shipments, and resource allocation.

Infosys provides cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for navigating the intricacies of freight transportation. Our digital tools automate processes encompassing document processing, verification, planning, scheduling, demand forecasting, and matching. Our ecosystem optimizes fleet maintenance, enhances asset utilization, and promotes sustainable operations.

Our offerings for the logistics industry are founded on three core principles

AI-Powered Core

Enhances business operations with robotic process automation for seamless freight booking and track-and-trace abilities. Utilizes predictive insights to reduce handling costs, optimize routing, and meet delivery timelines.

Agile Digital Transformation

Revitalizes enterprise capabilities through robust data management, cognitive automation, cloud-based analytics, and simulation methods. Empowers data-driven decisions using advanced visualization tools.

Continuous Learning

Up-skills the workforce by training in machine learning algorithms and data science applications throughout the value chain.

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